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Holistic  Skin Care

Nature’s Harmony Facial = $95 (1 Hour) 
Enjoy a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience with this facial treatment which incorporates some of nature’s most powerful and effective essential oils, plants / herbs, minerals, and oils through use of handcrafted healthy all-natural skincare products.


The treatment includes: gentle deep cleansing and enzymatic exfoliation, relaxing aromatic herbal steam towel compresses, application of authentic herbal clay mask, relaxing aromatherapy hand / arm massage, blissful face / neck / shoulder massage with customized nourishing facial oil blends, freshly steeped organic herbal steam compress, finishing with product application.

The treatment focuses on optimizing skin health by feeding and nourishing the skin with high quality plant and mineral based products that contain high vitality broad spectrum nutrients and fatty acids which are bursting with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, restorative and healing properties. Depending on your skin type and conditions, the facial treatment will focus on one or a combination of the following:

Renew – incorporates many powerful ingredients which have strong antioxidant and skin softening properties, reducing appearance of fine lines and leaving skin nourished and rejuvenated.

Calm – focuses on calming, soothing, and healing sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin.

Clarify – focuses on deep cleansing, calming irritated / inflamed skin, balancing oil production, and minimizing breakouts.

Hydrate – focuses on hydrating and nourishing the skin by incorporating naturally hydrating ingredients, leaving skin soft, hydrated, and glowing.

Clarifying Herbal Back Facial = $80 (45 Min)
This treatment focuses on minimizing, calming, and healing breakouts on the back. Treatment includes: deep cleansing and enzymatic exfoliation, relaxing aromatic steam towel compresses, Moroccan Clay herbal mask, relaxing massage with customized oil blend that treats blemish prone skin, fresh steeped organic herbal compress, and product application.



Holistic Skin Care Consultation = $45 (1 Hour) 
An in-person consultation session will provide you with the basic tools you need to help achieve your skin care goals. An in-depth analysis and assessment of skin type and current skin condition(s) will be undertaken to ensure the recommended treatment plan is customized to your specific needs. A holistic approach with be taken when identifying potential underlying causes for any condition(s). This will be achieved through completion of a thorough questionnaire with additional discussion to identify history of skin condition(s), current skin care regime, as well as lifestyle and health issues which may be aggravating and / or triggering the condition(s). A customized treatment plan will be developed to help meet skin care goals which will include skin care regime and product recommendations as well as guidance on diet and life style adjustments. Consultation includes follow up email communication.

Body Treatments

Rejuvenating Sea Salt Mineral Scrub = $70 (45 Min)
This invigorating treatment leaves skin silky smooth, hydrated, and revitalized. It exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates circulation, and lymphatic drainage within the body as well as purifies, re-mineralizes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. The treatment includes: gentle dry brush exfoliation, Sea salt scrub exfoliation (choose from invigorating Coconut Grapefruit scrub or the relaxing Lavender Vanilla), deeply relaxing aromatic steam towel compresses, and finishes with the application of nourishing Whipped Shea Body Butter.

Flower Petal Herbal Clay Wrap (Partial) = $130 (1 Hour, 15 Min) 

This soothing treatment focuses on easing muscle aches and tension in the back and shoulders and includes the ‘Rejuvenating Sea Salt Scrub’ treatment (see above for details) followed by the application of a Herbal Clay mask custom made with a blend of local dried organic flower petals. The body is then wrapped, allowing the body to warm and melt away muscle tension and soreness. The clay mask is removed and the treatment finishes with a massage of the shoulders and back with the application of the delightfully aromatic Lavender or Rose Geranium Whipped Shea Butter. 

Herbal Bliss Pedicure = $60 (1 Hour) 
Treat yourself with this deeply relaxing ‘dry’ all-natural foot treatment which focus on foot / nail health and maintenance. Treatment includes: relaxing herbal steam towels, assessment of foot and nail health including the identification of common conditions, nail filing, foot filing, cuticle maintenance, Salt Scrub, deeply relaxing aromatic steam towels, relaxation massage with application of nourishing Whipped Shea Body Butter and Lavender Myrrh Nail and Cuticle Oil, and finishes with a gloss nail buffing or polish application using non-toxic polish.


Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is a healthy and safe alternative to waxing. Sugaring uses an all-natural sugar paste made from sugar, lemon juice, and water. The paste is moulded onto the skin and pulled away, removing unwanted hair. Some benefits compared to waxing include: less ingrown hairs, less irritation, no risk of burning or tearing the skin, and gradual thinning of body hair with repeated removal. Sugaring is carried out using the Alexandria Professional sugaring technique.

Eyebrows (15 – 20 min) = $15

Eyebrow Shaping (20 – 30 min) = $20

Upper Lip (10 – 15 min) = $7

Chin (10 – 15 min) = $7

Lower Face (cheeks/upper lip/chin, jawline) (30 – 45 min) = $25

Underarms (15 – 20 min) = $15

Bikini (15 – 30 min) = $25

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