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Earth to Skin - Locally Sourced

Rose Willow products are made with 100% natural - high quality, nutrient dense and pure / unrefined whole plant and mineral based ingredients to feed and nourish the skin. Where feasible, ingredients are sourced locally from highly skilled herbalists and are certified organic, where feasible. 

Field of Flowers

As with the foods we eat, it is critical we select skin care products which encompass the high quality broad spectrum nutrients and fatty acids our skin needs to achieve optimum health.  When we use high quality plant and mineral based products they are bursting with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and restorative healing properties. These magnificently powerful ingredients feed and nourish the skin, supporting healthy skin cell development and in-turn work to maintain, restore and enhance the skin’s own natural functions and elements such as the barrier function (acid mantle), collagen / elastin, and skin biome (flora). Rose Willow skin care products contain some of the healthiest and most effective ingredients for your skin, providing visible immediate and long-term results.

Products are made from vibrant pure plant and mineral based ingredients such as clays, salts, butters, waxes, oils, local plant waters (hydrosol), herbal infusions, and freshly dried local whole plants (flower petals, roots, stems, leaves). 

Products are free of any harmful chemicals, synthetics, GMO’s, preservatives, alcohol, or ‘filler’ ingredients. 


Rebel Roots Herb Farm

We source all of our herbs from Rebel Roots Herb Farm. This small family run farm co-created by Alexis Burnet (Herbalist & Naturalist) and Bobbi Burnett (Farmer & Mother) is located in Grey County, Ontario. The farm focuses on producing premium quality organic medicinal herbs. They farm regeneratively which means they aim to to create as many 'closed loops' as possible, creating a self sustaining ecosystem amongst the soil, plants, and animals on the land. Their herbs are harvested by hand when at peak vitality to retain vibrant colour and potency. This quality makes a significant difference in the availability of nutrients and medicinal benefits for treatment of the skin, resulting in a far superior product. These herbs are used in Rose Willow Products in whole form, ground or in herbal oil infusions. 


Rebel Roots Herb Farm are leaders in quality small farming practices and herbalism and offer many educational programs to the public such as the Wild Plants Apprenticeship Program, Earth Tracks Outdoor School, and OrganiGrow Canada Cannabis Home Growing to name a few. They are co-cordinators and sponsors of the Heartwood Gathering, an annual multi-day event for herbalists and plant lovers alike.

Rebel Roots Farm.jpg

Photo Credit: Rebel Roots Herb Farm, 2020

Stonewell  Lavender Farm

Our Lavender Hydrosol is sourced from Stonewell Lavender Farm which is located in Erin, Ontario. The farm boasts beautiful fields of both French and English lavender which they dry and use to make essential oil and hydrosol, among many other beautiful handcrafted items. The lavender plants are distilled in a copper pot where the plant oil (essential oil) floats to the surface where it is collected and bottled. The water used in distillation process is infused with the calming and healing properties of the lavender plant, this water is known as hydrosol. Lavender Hydrosol is highly beneficial for the skin - calming, soothing and adds much needed hydration.


Photo Credit: Stonewell Farms, Allison Clark Photography, 2020

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