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What is Holistic Esthetics?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Unlike traditional esthetics where the focus is typically to make you look instantly “beautiful” by some sort of cosmetic means, the primary focus in holistic esthetics is for the practitioner to provide expertise and treatment through use of healthy non-harming modalities and natural products with the goal of “optimizing skin and nail health as well as improving overall wellbeing”. This approach results in a deeper and longer lasting beauty, one that is reflected from the inside as well as on the outside through healthy radiant skin. In holistic esthetics every client is treated with reverence and a caring, loving attitude. The practice of holistic esthetics follows several “core philosophies” which include:

  • treatments are focused on optimizing skin and nail health as well as overall well being

  • the person is treated as a whole (i.e., physical, mental, spiritual)

  • committed to provide genuine and nurturing care with non-harming practices (i.e., no extractions, peels, or nail enhancements, etc.)

  • treatments only include high quality, healthy, all-natural products

These core philosaphies are discussed further below.

Treating the Person as a Whole

Holistic estheticians support the concept adopted from holistic health that the body is viewed with unity as whole – mind, body and spirit. As such, holistic skin and body care is based on the premise that one cannot treat skin or nails as a separate entity from the entire body, all parts are interconnected and have direct influence on each other. Therefore, when practicing holistic esthetics assessments will always include consideration of lifestyle habits such as diet, sleep, physical activity and emotional states such as stress etc. in order to identify the root cause of a condition and to be able to make appropriate recommendations for treatment and self-care. This approach requires holistic estheticians to have a deeper understanding of human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, wellness practices, and functionality of product ingredients.

Genuine and Nurturing Care with Non-Harming Practices

Holistic estheticians practice genuine, nurturing, non-invasive, non-harming modalities and techniques which focus on optimizing skin and nail health as well as overall wellbeing. Treatments include supportive techniques such as massage for its powerful relaxing, restorative, and skin health benefits, as well as use of all-natural, healthy, and effective products formulated with plant and mineral based ingredients.

Treatments exclude use of harsh chemicals or irritants and damaging extraction procedures, acid peels, derma planning, microdermabrasion, nail enhancements, traditional esthetic equipment, etc.. Although these traditional approaches may provide immediate results, the long-term consequences of using these techniques include damage to the skin’s protective barrier, sensitivity, thinning, and development of various skin conditions as well as significant damage to nails, these implications far outweigh the short-term benefits. The holistic treatment approach is an effective solution for healthy beautiful skin that yields not only immediate visible results but continued results over the long-term.

High Quality, Healthy, All-Natural Products

In holistic esthetics, a key focus in achieving optimum skin and nail health as well as improving overall wellbeing is through the use of all-natural, healthy, and effective products. This includes products which are formulated with 100% natural - whole plant and mineral based ingredients which include high quality, vegan, ethically sourced pure / unrefined: essential oils, herbs, plant waters, minerals (clays and salts), butters, and oils. Where feasible, ingredients are also certified organic, wildcrafted, and sourced locally from highly skilled herbalists.

As with the foods we eat, it is critical we select products which encompass the high vitality broad spectrum nutrients and fatty acids our skin needs to achieve optimum health. When we use high quality plant and mineral based products they are bursting with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and restorative healing properties. These magnificently powerful ingredients feed and nourish the skin, supporting healthy skin cell development and in-turn work to maintain, restore and enhance the skin’s own natural functions and elements such as the barrier function, collagen /elastin, and skin biome. Holistic skin care products contain some of the healthiest and most effective ingredients for your skin, providing visible immediate and long-term results. As to maintain high vitality, products are free of any harmful chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, alcohol, or ‘filler’ ingredients.

Overall, the holistic practitioner has great reverence for the products and ingredients they use in their treatments and have developed a much deeper understanding of the functionality of these ingredients over one that practices traditional esthetics. Healthy, effective, all-natural products are an integral part our practice and act as a foundation and primary means to treat others.

How do Holistic Esthetics differ from Traditional Esthetics?

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