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This gentle all natural lavender scented deodorant neutralizes odor while moisturizing skin. Made with arrowroot powder, it leaves a silky smooth finish that works to absorb excess moisture on the skins surface. Shea butter, coconut, and almond oils moisturize and nourish the skin as well as provide antimicrobial properties which help work against odor causing bacteria.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps fight body odour

  • Absorbs excess moisture

  • Moisturizing


Volume: 120 ml


Shelf Life: ~ 4 months

Lavender Deodorant

  • Apply daily as needed.


    Step 1: Remove a small amount (~1/2 tsp) of deodorant from jar


    Step 2: Apply a thin covering to underarm areas. If the deodorant starts to ball up and crumble off, apply less.


    Step 3: Re-apply as needed

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