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The foundation of good skin care is selecting products which are appropriate and effective for your skin type and conditions. Skin types are determined by genetics and is primarily based on how much oil is produced as well as pore size and distribution.


There are 5 skin types:

  • Sensitive

  • Oily 

  • Dry 

  • Normal 

  • Combination (typically oily in T-Zone and normal in other areas)


Your skin type never changes but the function can over time. An example of this is a person with an oily skin type, they may have excess oil and breakouts when they are younger but as they age the skin produces less oil or oil production is balanced and the break outs cease, the skin then functions more as a normal skin type. 

The best way to identify your skin type is to have a skin analysis and consultation undertaken. Additional guidance has been provided below in an easy to use chart to help you identify your skin type and which Rose Willow products are best. There are two Rose Willow products that are customized by skin type:

  • Nourishing Facial Oils

  • Herbal Clay Masks

The remaining Rose Willow facial care products are good for all skin types!​


Determine Your Skin Type & Customized Products (mask & nourishing oil) 

(start in the far left column)


Knowing what skin condition(s) you have is also critical in identifying proper skin care, they must be taken into consideration along with a person’s skin type when selecting skin care products. Skin conditions should be identified by a skin care specialist.  The most common skin conditions along with recommended Belle Aura products include:

  • Dehydration (skin is lacking water) - use products based on skin type and increase use of  'Lavender Hydrosol', 'Nourishing Oil', 'Herbal Restorative Balm' and 'Floral Radiance Facial Steam' to add moisture to skin.

  • Rosacea -  in addition to the skin care products good for all skin types,  use 'Nourishing  Oil- Sensitive', 'Green Clay Herbal Mask for Sensitive Skin', and 'Herbal Restorative Balm'.

  • Sensitivity (it's a skin type but also a condition) - in addition to the skin care products good for all skin types,  use 'Nourishing  Oil - Sensitive', 'Green Clay Herbal Mask for Sensitive Skin', 'Lavender Hydrosol', and Herbal Restorative Balm'.

  • Blemishes (isolated) - use products based on your skin type and the 'Nourishing Oil - Oily/Blemish Prone' as a spot treatment in area of breakout

  • Hyperpigmentation - in addition to the skin care products good for all skin types, use 'Renewal Herbal Clay Mask' and the 'Nourishing Oil - Renewal'


Healthy Aging is also a common interest in skin care. The focus is around maintaining skin firmness, tone, and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. If your interest is in healthy aging skin care than in addition to the skin care products good for all skin types, use the 'Nourishing oil - Renewal' and the 'Renewal Herbal Clay Mask'.

If ever in doubt about which products are right for you email

Belle Aura products were formulated by a Certified Esthetician that can help you with any questions you may have! 

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