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Summer Skin Care Tips!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Sunburn - sunscreen should be your most important skin care product! It can although be tricky finding one that works for your skin. Chemical based ones like you would find at the pharmacy can be very irritating to your skin, a more healthy option are the physical based sunscreens which contain zinc and titanium dioxide although these are often mixed with oils that are not overly great for our skin and leave a heavy feeling on the skin. There are pure healthy oils that do provide some level of sun protection but you have to really know your oils to find the correct blend. It is recommended that you do some research and try different types of sunscreens and see what works for you!

If you do experience sunburn, make sure to keep your skin cool and moisturized. Apply cool compresses to release the heat right after exposure, this will significantly reduce the severity (I know this from experience;)). Aloe is a perfect option to moisturize and heal but be sure that you are using natural aloe! Many that are available in stores are not pure - watch out for any that are green or clear, natural aloe is cloudy with a yellow tinge. I find Nature's Aid Aloe Gel to be a great option which can be purchased at the Stone Store. It also has some helpful healing herbs:)

Oily Skin - warmer temperatures and sun exposure both stimulate our oil glands to produce more oil. Keeping skin well nourished and moisturized will help balance the excess oil production. You can also lighten up your moisturizer in summer months by blending with an Evan Healy herbal hydrosol, this thins out the cream and adds moisture! With excess oil you will also want to be sure to continue your routine of washing 2x a day (morning and night). Weekly application of the Belle Aura Herbal Clay Mask will also help draw out excess oil. Avoid excess washing or scrubbing, it will only strip your skin of its natural oils and make your skin more oily!

Breakouts - excess oil, dryness, sun exposure, and sunscreen can all contribute to breakouts. Regular daily cleansing with Evan Healy Milk or Tea Tree cleansers and weekly exfoliating with Belle Aura Cucumber Oatmeal scrub and application of Belle Aura Herbal Clay Mask will help manage breakouts by unclogging pores and drawing out excess oil and impurities!

Dry Skin - sun, wind, swimming and sunscreen can all strip away natural oils on our skin leaving it dull, dry and flaky. Be sure to keep skin hydrated with daily use of herbal hydrosols, nourishing oils and moisturizing cream. Also be sure to exfoliate away dead skin cells weekly with the gentle Belle Aura Cucumber Oatmeal Facial Scrub this will brighten appearance and allow your skin to better absorb water and moisturizer/oils.

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