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Handcrafted Self Care Products for Healthy Living

Natural Skin & Body Care * Aromatherapy * Woven Blankets

Certified Organic & Locally Sourced Ingredients
Cruelty Free * Vegan * No GMOs * Low Waste
100% Pure * No Preservatives * No Synthetics

Skin care for your skin type!

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Earth to Skin

Locally Sourced

Rose Willow products are made with 100% natural - high quality, nutrient dense and pure / unrefined whole plant and mineral based ingredients to feed and nourish the skin. Where feasible, ingredients are sourced locally from highly skilled herbalists and are certified organic, where feasible. 

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Science Based/ Esthetician Formulated

As an Esthetician and Scientist, products were formulated through completing intensive research, analysis and testing, with the careful selection of ingredients to ensure the maximum benefit to skin health and general well-being. Only the most high-quality natural pure ingredients were selected and from local sources. 

Ingredients were selected to optimize skin health and target specific skin types and conditions. This means that the products you are getting are healthy and highly effective at meeting your skin care goals! 

Best Sellers

Customer Testimonials


I've been using the Rose Geranium Facial Cleansing Oil, along with the Lavender Hydrosol Herbal Facial Toner and the Facial Nourishing Oil for sensitive skin for almost a year now and my skin has never looked better. I used to struggle with keeping a consistent skin routine and often had cystic, hormonal acne around my chin and jawline. These products are so beautiful, and Valerie's instructions for using them helped me realize that a skin care routine can be a relaxing, enjoyable part of self-care. After a few months of using the products consistently, I had only the odd pimple here and there - no more painful acne. Plus, my partner always comments that my face smells nice after using the cleansing oil. Thank you for the wonderful products!”  


Rose Willow products are phenomenal! They are so gentle but also very hydrating.  I used to always go from one product to another but this is the first time ever that I have stayed loyal to a product line.  If you are looking for a more gentle and natural approach to skin care than I highly recommend Rose Willow skin care; you will be amazed at how beautiful your skin can be


Valerie was able to identify my skin type over video chat! As well as gently guide me towards better foods and practices for my skin. She's professional and kind, she's not preachy about certain ingredients or any kind of trends in skin care. She's done her research about what works for skin tailored for certain types and that's what she puts in her products. Washing my face now feels like a spa experience every time. It's a treat and not a chore. I highly recommend the consultation and the starter kits are the perfect size for travel as well. You can everything is made with care and consideration. And it all smells amazing!

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