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Science Based - Esthetician Formulated

Prior to creating Rose Willow Wellness, I worked in the natural sciences field as an Ecologist for 15 years. I have brought forward my extensive understanding of natural elements, chemistry, biology, physiology and research skills into the formulation of high-quality effective products.  

When researching organic skin care lines at the start of my holistic esthetics practice - I was not at all satisfied with the existing organic skin care lines out there. After analyzing the ingredients of at least a hundred existing skin care lines, I found that most were either: not actually ‘natural’; not formulated for skin health; or not formulated in consideration of skin type. The very few organic skin care lines that were properly formulated and pure, I found to be overpriced and not easily accessible. It was through this disappointment and my strong desire for wanting the best natural and effective products for my clients, I developed Rose Willow Wellness skin and body care products.

Rose Willow products were formulated through completing intensive research, analysis and testing, with the careful selection of ingredients to ensure the maximum benefit to skin health and general well-being. Only the most high-quality natural pure ingredients were selected and from local sources. 

As an Esthetican, ingredients were selected to optimize skin health and target specific skin types and conditions. This means that the products you are getting are healthy and highly effective at meeting your skin care goals! Products do not contain ingredients that do nothing for your skin (fillers) or ingredients that may aggravate or create problems (alcohol, pore clogging, chemical irritants, preservatives) like most traditional skin care lines. 

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