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Sensitive skin is common amongst almost almost ALL clients I have seen!  Sensitivity can be a skin type as well as condition. Those with a sensitive skin type, it is genetic, meaning they are born with that type of skin. They often have pale, thin, fragile skin, which is common with those with light coloured hair (red or blonde) and freckles. 


For others which are experiencing skin sensitivity, there are a myriad of causes such as medication, supplements, stress, environmental factors (heat, cold, pollution, allergens), hormone fluctuations (menopause or pregnancy), diet, makeup, dryness/dehydration, poor skin care routine, and use of irritating products or treatments. Sensitivity can occur all over the face, neck and chest but is more commonly experienced on the cheeks and nose. 

Sensitive skin can have the following characteristics:

  • Redness

  • Irritation

  • Broken or enlarged capillaries (due to weakened capillary walls)

  • Frequent flushing

  • Thin and delicate skin

  • Burning, stinging

  • Tightness

  • Rashes and hives

Rosecea is a skin condition best described as extreme sensitivity which commonly presents itself on the cheeks and nose. It can include bumps and pustules.

Rose Willow holistic skin care products were formulated to help treat the most sensitive skin types. Products are gentle, calming an healing and provide significant benefit to helping manage skin sensitivity and rosecea skin conditions. Below are recommended products for those with sensitive skin and Rosecea.










































  • Use gentle skin care products for sensitive skin – avoid products with harsh irritating chemicals including preservatives and fragrances

  • Do not scrub the skin, use a gentle exfoliant and massage lightly with fingertips

  • Use a gentle washcloth (e.g. organic hemp or bamboo)

  • Avoid using hot water when cleansing

  • Regularly cleanse skin but don’t cleanse more than 2x a day (morning and night)

  • Do not let the shower water directly hit your face, splash on instead. Limit duration in shower

  • Use a gentle hydrosol after cleansing to balance skin’s pH and hydrate

  • Avoid sun exposure where possible. Use a lightweight non-oily sunscreen

  • Limit time outdoors in extreme hot and cold temperatures as well as high humidity

  • Avoid touching/rubbing/picking at skin

  • Keep skin hydrated with regular use of a gentle lightweight moisturizer

  • Nourishing skin with healthy products rich in vitamins and fatty acids to maintain skin's protective barrier

  • Reduce stress levels – try regular exercise, yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises

  • Use natural lightweight makeup or avoid use where possible

  • Reduce sodium intake

  • Reduce alcohol intake


Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil

Lavender Hydrosol


Facial Nourishing Oil - Calm

Recommendations to Reduce Sensitivity


Renewal Eye Serum


Calendula Oat Face Scrub


Calming Petal-Oat Mask


Herbal Restorative Balm


Holistic Skin Care Kit - Calm

IMG_6258 (1).JPG

Organic Cotton / Bamboo Face Cloth


Floral Radiance Facial Steam

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