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The terms 'dry' and 'dehydrated' are often misused. When skin is 'dry' it lacks oil, when skin is 'dehydrated' it lacks water. 

It is very common for some people to experience both together and at the least dehydration. These conditions are both treated the same with a healthy skin care routine! Adding water and oils are key to keeping our skin hydrated and nourished. 

Some people do genetically have a dry skin type which has the following characteristics:

  • small or invisible pores

  • lacks excess oil

  • rough texture

  • dull appearance

  • flaky skin, visible dryness

Rose Willow products are formulated to keep skin hydrated and nourished. Oil based products should always be used in combination with water (Lavender Hydrosol) and applied on damp skin to lock in moisture. 


Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil


Lavender Hydrosol


Nourishing Facial Oil - Hydrate


Renewal Eye Serum


Herbal Restorative Balm


Nourishing Body Oil


Almost every time I tell a client that their skin is dehydrated (lacking water) I get the response….but I drink so much water! Although water intake is a very important factor in keeping skin hydrated, there are many more to consider. Are you also consuming a lot of diuretics like caffeine and alcohol? These can counter act your water intake. There are many internal and external factors which impact our skin's hydration levels. 


Are you getting enough water in your skin care routine? If you are using oil based products you need to ensure that you are also adding water into your routine. This is best added with use of plant waters or hydrosols, applied prior to the application of your nourishing oils. Additionally, always applying product when your skin is damp to seal in any moisture. Is your skin care supporting your skin's protection barrier (also known as acid mantle) which helps protect skin from water loss. A key element to this function is presence of oils. This is why oil based skin care is so healthy for the skin! It supports and nourishes our skins barrier function to prevent dehydration and keep skin healthy, plump and glowing!⠀⠀

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