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A Holistic Approach

When I started my journey as an Esthetician in 2016 I knew I wanted to practice ‘holistically’ as holistic Esthetics focuses on the health and wellness of individuals by providing truly healthy, nurturing, all-natural skin and body care – a philosophy I feel truly connect with. This approach results in a deeper and longer lasting beauty, one that is reflected from the inside as well as on the outside through healthy radiant skin. In holistic esthetics every client is treated with reverence and a caring, loving attitude.


The practice of holistic esthetics follows several “core philosophies”:

  • healthy non-harming treatment modalities

  • focus on optimizing skin and nail health as well as overall well being 

  • use of all-natural, high-quality, pure, effective ingredients and products; and

  • treating the person as a ‘whole’ – mind, body and soul


The holistic approach recognizes that we are whole and skin care is not limited to the products we apply to our skin. It is very much interconnected with our diet, lifestyle (stress), emotions, hormones, medical conditions, medication, supplement intake and other factors.

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